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Jiu-jitsu Master Carlos Machado promotes St. Jude’s Miracle oilTM on radio interview

Posted on: October 19th, 2014 |



Photo: Master Carlos Machado holding bottle of St. Jude’s Miracle oilTM and co-inventor and student William Vandry

On October 14, 2014 world re-known BJJ Master Carlos Machado was interviewed by Carlos Kremer on his radio show.  Machado is of the famous Machado brothers from Brazil, and is one of the leaders of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu worldwide.  Machado is the nephew of the founder of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Grandmaster Carlos Gracie.  In the interview, Machado discusses philosophy, history, his upcoming Machado brothers camp, which will be on the October 24-26 weekend in Dallas, Texas.  Machado, who is also a consumer and promoter of St. Jude’s Miracle oilTM, discusses the product in his interview with Carlos Kremer.  The link below has the full interview:


On the third segment at 3:04 Master Carlos Machado discusses the effects of St. Jude’s Miracle oilTM, and gives a nice plug:

CM: I, before I came here I just wanted to mention I talked to one of my black belts, we are very health oriented.  I have a Black belt called William Vandry, he’s among one of my first black belts and he is a great story in itself, an amazing man that has overcome incredible obstacles.  He created an oil called the St. Jude’s Miracle oilTM, and for us who do Jiu-jitsu that are always complaining about our joints, or people take cortisone shots, anti inflammatory things can be harmful to your health.  This oil, if you go to their facebook page, just type St. Jude’s Miracle Oil.

CK: Aha

CM: Youre gonna find information, and I kid you not, when I send you my book, I am also gonna send a sample of that oil.

CK: Ok

CM: And your gonna tell me once you put that thing on any joint that aches, what is gonna happen afterwards.

CK:  You know that I could use that, that’s incredible because I ache all over..

INPEX awards Taiwan 40 gold medals

Posted on: June 22nd, 2012 |

Staff Writer, with CNA, / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A Taiwanese delegation won 40 gold medals and seven special prizes at the Invention and New Product Exposition (INPEX) held in the US city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Friday.

Taiwan also won 28 silvers at the fair, and received an Ambassador Award for excellent performances and active participation in the fair over the years.

The country this year submitted 89 inventions to the US’ largest invention fair, but it was an invention by a National Chin-Yi University of Technology (NCUT) research team that stood out from the rest to clinch the INPEX Grand Prix-First Runner-up prize and Best Invention of the Far East award.

An energy-saving device invented by an NCUT Institute of Innovation Technology and Information Management research team led by Weng Kuo-liang (翁國亮), an associate professor, was the first from Taiwan to win the runner-up award.

The team’s two-way energy conversion device caught the judges’ attention for its ability to save energy in air conditioners and heaters by increasing humidity.

The device can reduce air conditioner energy consumption by up to 10 percent by boosting humidity during the shut-down procedure, said Weng.

Normally, air conditioners extract humidity, which wastes energy and dehydrates the human body, Weng said.

In addition, Weng said, the device can produce energy savings of about 20 to 30 percent for heaters by keeping air from becoming too dry in winter.

The design concept of the device was to create more comfortable living through low energy usage, Weng added.

Weng said it took the team about two years to develop the product and estimated that the device will go into mass production later this year.