The St. Jude’s Miracle Oil ® have been used by general public, military veterans, martial artists, athletes, wives, friends, doctors, businessman and many others that use the oil for their personal reasons. Of all testimonies given on this wonderful product, every person is real, unsolicited, unpaid and have expressed through their own passion, satisfaction and belief in this product that you can read below these testimonies from doctors, businessmen, nurses, athletes. Here are many of them:
“Hey William, just wanted to send you a message and let you know I’ve been using the product for the aches and pains of training and working long hours in the hospital. I notice a huge difference in my level of soreness immediately after applying it. I love the product I think it will benefit a lot of people. Thanks!”
Dr. Elliot Rutledge Row
M.D., Orthopedic Surgery
“I’ve been using this on my patients in my chiropractic office for the past few weeks with great results on both acute and chronic conditions. As a bonus it smells great and provides wonderful aromatherapy benefits too.”
Dr. Diane Elizabeth Shigley
“I want to enthusiastically endorse the Miracle Oil product! I have used it myself and on patients. It works really well for reducing muscle tension and soreness and also as a quick remedy for sinus congestion. Thank you for formulating and creating this wonderful health aid.”
Dr.Stephen L. Summers
D.C. The Gentle Chiropractor
“Pain is gone! I think it could help veterans, yes!”
Ron Baker
Commander Disabled American Veterans Chapter # 5 (Los Angeles, California)
“This evening I had the pleasure of talking to William Vandry and Chandra Weber Vandry in hopes to relieve some of my chronic pain that I suffer with everyday and to get some sleep. As a lot of you see me on Facebook at 3 in the morning. I can 100% say I have no pain and I haven’t felt this good in a very very long time. No pain, no anxiety, no allergies and more flexibility in my arms, torso, and hands. I can say all this to the use of St Jude Miracle oil. The moment I smelt it, it awakened my Spidey senses. I’m excited to see what my future holds. I have never given up and I am more motivated and more inspired than ever. Thank you Carlos Machado for connecting With William and Chandra. I’m so grateful. I truly believe I can overcome and improve my paralysis. I did want to add to my post that I haven’t been able to write with just one hand in close to five years and it actually be readable. Both of my kiddos were surprised and impressed with me. When I first started to talk to William and Chandra the 2 things I wanted to work on was my pain level and sleep. And after one night I still woke up feeling great and no pain. I haven’t been able to sleep like then in forever and waking up feeling so energized. I’m really excited and hopeful. And St Jude Miracle oil did so much more than help me with pain and sleep.”
Angie Jojola
victim of car crash and paralysis survivor
“Seven pain I’ve endured for 50 years. Seven pain to no pain! Fantastic! He helped me with that little bit of oil! It’s great, I appreciate you!” (After) “I just had my back checked by VA, and I don’t want them to burn my nerves so I decided to come here. It’s a miracle. Look at me, I used to have people help me get up, but I got up on my own. Thanks to this! (Applying Miracle oil)”
John Pelletier
Senior Vice Commander Disabled American Veterans Chapter # 5 (Los Angeles, California)
“Hello, I’m Dr. Felix Sabates Jr., MD, a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and I just had a truly amazing experience with the oils. I can move my shoulder, my back’s much better, my knees much better, everyone’s better.”
Dr. Felix Sabates Jr.
M.D., Neurosurgeon, Ophthalmologist, Trauma Surgeon, Emergency Physician
“I’ve had degenerative back, disk, knee surgery, tore my ACL, two broken ankles, atrial tachycardia, accelerated heart rate, neck pain, C1-4, T1-3 (degeneration), diagnosed PTSD from deployment, so many different ailments. Pain level now is down to about a zero. Normally when I do things with my feet, my ankle is sore or I feel it later on. I don’t feel that. It’s crazy, that is, mind blowing seriously. I don’t know what to day, I really don’t, I guess I’m definitely a believer. Speaking for myself we got to get the word out, I definitely want to do my part. For people who are in pain, and they don’t really have an avenue to go to so they are probably taking medication, if they’re just willing to try something natural not intrusive, I guess I need to give them your phone number! This is pretty amazing, for someone who is looking for a way out or alternative to pain management, I certainly would recommend it, because we what else do you have if nothing else is working? I drove all the way down here and it’s working, it’s working, so thank you.” (15 minutes after)
Maj. Mike Myers
Logistics Ft. Hood Texas
“Thanks William! You did more for me in 2 hrs then all of my doctors combined have done in 19 years! I am forever in your debt, and can’t wait to see what’s next!”
Thomas William Jr.
USAF (Ret), Chronic pain survivor for 19 years
“Relieved back, neck, and knee pain. Gives me a lot more flexible. Being a nurse for 30 years been skeptical about those type of things but feel really great.”
John Smith
Combat medic, Navy (Ret)
“Nice. Haven’t done this for 17 years before the oil. Couldn’t do it. (Bend over and touch his hands on ground) Back feels good. Product is great, feel a lot different, mentally motivated too. Now that I’m out of pain in the last 20 minutes. I feel good.”
Capt. Kester White Scott
Ft. Hood Texas
“I came here today with a lot of pain I’ve had for years from 8 to 2, some areas pain is gone.”
Army veteran with MS
PTSD, IBS, Fibromyalgia, Pain syndrome, medal toxicity
“I just touched my toes for the first time in 17 years, I feel better than I ever have before. It’s for real and it works. I was skeptical at first but I’m a believer now.”
Barrett Smith
Navy Veteran
“Lower back pain, knees, titanium rod in my right leg, just been generally beat up my whole life. Today is pretty high (10)”. The bending over thing I haven’t been able to do since 1989, I don’t know what’s in that snake oil, but it works!”
Medically retired, Marine Corp
“Learned something important to share with Veterans and others today. William Vandry is a man who cares about people, veterans very much included. I spent the better part of the day with him learning about his product and Foundation while I was there. St. Jude’s Miracle Oil actually is an Essential Oil. William Vandry’s Oil made my whole body tingle, relax and operate pain free. William’s oils went right to work and I was able to do things I have not attempted in some time now.”
Glenn R. Towery
Founder of Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel and decorated Vietnam combat veteran. Glenn served in the Vietnam war as a Quartermaster aboard the USS Rupertus, Destroyer DD851 from 1971 to1972
“Pain went from 8 to about a 4, really surprised.” (15 minutes after)
Brad Lewis
Army Veteran
“Bone dye, graft it to my ankle, gate dropped on my shoulder, had to cut off my shoulder blade, five feet of surgical scars, five days ago I was in a major car accident totaled my car, pain is high. (Before) I did experience more mobility, less pain, thank you very much.” (15 minutes after)
Rachael Wilson
Medically retired, Marine Corp
“I wanted to just touch basis with you before too much time goes by. I truly enjoyed meeting you at INPEX and having the opportunity to see your product. I loved your passion about your Miracle Oil and wanting to heal my pains, lol! I did use it later on my shoulder which has just been killing me and I absolutely loved the results. I seemed to be pain free for several hours, so now I can too be a testimonial behind your products. I would really like to set up a time for either today or tomorrow if your are available for us to be able to speak about your “St. Jude’s Miracle Oil” and the possibility to have it aired on our shopping show for July. My last day there I was pretty slammed, so I didn’t have much of an opportunity to speak with you about your product, but I would like to this coming week. Please either email me or call me and we can set up a time for us to speak for either later today or tomorrow if that will work for you. Have a great day and lets talk soon.”
David Figueroa
SI SI TV Shopping Network Vice President of Marketing
“I broke my little toe at the beach playing football a couple weeks ago. It got better on its own for a couple days, all the black and blue went away but once it got to about 50% it just wouldn’t get any better. I just dealt with it for those couple weeks with no improvement in the pain. THEN, after training last Monday I put St. Jude’s on it and the next morning I had no pain! I did notice a little pain once I put on my dress shoes but St. Jude’s took me from 50% to 97% healed. Miracle Oil is right. Thanks Will!!!”
Eric Snethkamp
“I want to say congratulations to Will and Chandra. I also want to say that I tried the miracle oil on my elbow which was hurting from surgery to repair a torn tricep. After trying it, I could do a push up and prior to using it, I had too much pain to do a push up. Also, three of my martial art students used it and it helped relieve pain in a shoulder, a back, and leg pain. Give it a try if you have pain.”
Darren McCall
"My knee is doing real good. That oil is great. I put on before I go to bed. By morning time the soreness is gone. Also it doesn’t hurt when I squat down. thank you again."
Lucian Escalante
As a BJJ school owner, I spend many hours each week on the mats both coaching and training. This past year I noticed that both of my shoulders were stiffening up, especially while working with folks on Kimura’s and other shoulder locks. My range of motion was virtually cut in half and I would basically have to tap once a hold was applied. While at the last Vandry seminar, William Vandry pulled me aside and told me about his healing oils. I was skeptical, but gave it a try. Within minutes of applying the oil, I had my range of motion back and became a customer! Since then I have used the oil to help with other issues and it has helped every time. I don’t know what is in it and don’t care. All I know it that it works! Thanks William.
Dean Zaino
My name is Dr. Michael J. Snow, DC, and I have been a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic for 15 years. I had a severe auto collision in 2007 that put me on the sidelines for quite awhile athletically. What’s worse is that in May of 2011, it led me to have a total right hip replacement surgery. Post surgically, I suffered a lot of pain initially that I was forced to treat with strong narcotics. Not long after my surgery, Mr. Vandry invented his St. Jude’s Miracle Oil ® and I started to use it. To be honest, I was reluctant at first to try anything other than the narcotics I had been taking, as my pain at that point was still quite intense. I noticed some relief with the oil during that time, but I still continued to take medication. In retrospect, I think I could have significantly reduced my use of those medications had I given it more of a chance. As of now, 5 months post surgical, I am using his oil in lieu of taking any pharmaceuticals. I apply mostly at night before I go to bed, as this is the time that I usually notice my pain the most anymore. The oil allows me to comfortably get to sleep, and I am less likely to wake up with pain in the middle of the night. The oil has allowed me to replace the use of addictive medications, and for that I am grateful. I will further note, the oil has a relaxing aroma, which also helps me get much needed rest. Also, my wife has Rheumatoid Arthritis, and her hands hurt her at night as well. She has recently started putting that on her hands at night as well, and has noticed pain relief, and has been able to reduce the NSAID use that makes us both so nervous. This product is a truly powerful tool for fighting pain, so thank you from the bottom of my heart Mr. Vandry!
Dr. Michael J
Snow, DC
I’m one of those patients (Dr. Shiggley’s), with some messy looking scar tissue in my foot and big toe causing intense, chronic pain. With St Jude’s, in as little as 3 minutes I know I’ll have 12 pain free hours. My overall pain level is decreasing with each use. St Jude’s Oil is truly a miracle! I so thrilled with St Jude’s rapid pain relief that as soon as it’s publicly available, I want to send a supply to my uncle who will be 90 yrs old in Sept. He has arthritis in his knees so severe that he’s no longer able to walk. I can hear the pain and frustration in his voice when we talk on the phone as he fumbles with his ice packs that don’t provide much relief.
Janet Fletcher William
Former ballerina dancer
This is a must have for anyone w/ pain from stress or hard play. I’ve had a numerous amounts of pain over the last few months due to both reading hours upon hours at one time and due to being crushed on the mat by my friends. St. Jude’s Miracle oil ® has worked EVERY SINGLE TIME. The best part about it is that it gives me quick relief from pain. More great things about it? It doesn’t wear off in 5 minutes . . . or an hour. I love this stuff. Thank you William Vandry for allowing me to be one of your guinea pigs. I’ll see everyone back on the mat this week.
Teresa Gutierrez
My name is Quinn Bratteng, I am a Pharmacy Clerk and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner. I injured my perimeter meniscus, and after trying St. Jude’s Miracle Oil I noticed an almost immediate difference in the discomfort and pain. Within 3 minutes I noticed some benefit, and after 20 minutes the pain had completely subsided.
Quinn Bratteng
Pharmacy dept., HEB
I have worked as a police officer for seven and half years and train at Vandry’s BJJ. I suffer from a stiff neck and aching shoulder from having to look at a computer in my patrol car. I tried Professor Vandry’s St. Jude’s Miracle Oil and experienced almost instant relief. I am able to turn my neck with ease after using the oil.
Officer Myron Dixon
Texas police officer
I wanted to say thanks for the oil on my separated shoulder. It really helped with the pain and gave me some range of motion.
Justin McCready
The oil is great! I came back from a particularly tough 100 mile run with severe muscle damage to my quads, knee and elbow. Have not been able to train at all for two weeks. After using oil I was able to participate in a four hour long BJJ seminar and next day ran 9 miles without any pain. Miracle oil! Please start selling some!!!
Dmitry Rozinsky
The oil worked again. I have a fractured fibula and torn LCL. I haven’t been able to train and have had a tough time with the swelling, mobility, and constant bruised feeling on the bone. I showed up to class just thinking I would see if I could work through some drills. William gave me some oil to try again and I was able to actually train that night with very little pain. The swelling was reduced as well. I went home thinking that I’m going to pay for it tomorrow, but when I got up the next day, I had zero swelling and it hadn’t got worse. To be honest, it actually felt better. My only complaint is that there’s none for me to purchase. Hope it will be available very soon.
Ryan Villalobos
I’m always skeptical about stuff like this, usually thinking: “it’s just a fancy form of ben-gay.” But I’ve been having some serious problems with my hip lately, and this stuff did exactly what William said it would. Inside of three minutes, the pain was gone. Inside of fifteen minutes, my mobility was notably increased. It was verging on creepy. Walking has been painful lately, but tonight I got in a nice hour and a half of drilling and rolling.
Rafael Vigil
“This stuff is named right! It does what other pills and oils only hope to do. The swelling of my fingers is gone. I can make a fist without pain. St. Jude’s also took away the pain of tennis elbow within minutes.”
Dr. Matt Cassidy
(D.Min.) – Theology
“I believe in results before science. In the case of St. Jude’s Miracle oil ®, the science behind essential oils is thousands of years old. Yet the miracle of how fast it helps against pain and inflammation is beyond reason. Anyone, including myself, who I have seen trying it, had immediate and measurable results. That is impressive, to say the least!”
Master Carlos Machado
8th degree Black belt Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, World Jiu-jitsu champion, star of Walker Texas Ranger TV show, nephew of Carlos Gracie, the founder of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.
“A week ago my arm was in a sling after I dislocated my shoulder (and had it put back in at the ER). I was told to expect 2-8 weeks recovery time. However, a day after starting a regimen of serrapeptase enzyme, curcumin, icing the injury site, using a Lumen Photon light therapy machine, and liberal applications of St. Jude’s Miracle oil I was out of the sling. Most of the pain was gone, and in a few days time the only remnant of my injury was slight clicking and popping in the shoulder socket. I continued with taking curcumin after meals and using St. Jude’s Miracle oil and a little over a week later I was able to hit the mats for drilling with absolutely no ill affects. I believe a combination of all these methods of treatment were the reason for such an incredible recovery time and St.Jude’s Miracle oil was definitely a big part of it!”
Quinn B
“My Thoughts on St. Jude’s Miracle Oil: I’m a skeptic. I’ve been one for a long time, especially when it comes to “alternative” medicines and supplements. I don’t trust just anyone and trying new medicines and supplements does not come easy for me. So, you can imagine my surprise the first time I was asked to trust someone and try St. Jude’s Miracle Oil. I think I used the word “amazing” at least seven or eight times. Within a few minutes of having the oil rubbed into my knee area, I was able to bend my knee and get up without the crippling pain that has been plaguing me. I agreed to try SJMO on my neck. It really was a miracle. I suffer from fibromyalgia and the area around my neck and shoulders are always like concrete. Shortly after having the oil applied, I was able to turn my neck comfortably from side to side and I was able to bend my neck in such a way that my ear was close to my shoulder. I have not done that in a long time. I found that SJMO helped to calm me as well. Since I tend to be an anxious person, it was a pleasant surprise to find that the aroma from the oil was calming, comforting and relaxing. I have been using the oil ever since, especially on my neck, but also on my knee and areas of my feet as well. It does help and I’m very glad that I was able to leave my skepticism at the door and try this great product.”
Andrea H.
"My daughter recently sent me St. Jude’s oil and I must say it worked very well on my headaches. I was in a horrific car accident on June 24th, which left me with five broken ribs, a punctured lung, headaches and hip pain. Once I received the oil, the real problem was the headaches. I have headaches only on one side of my head and once the pain starts, I rub some St. Jude’s oil into my neck and massage for a few minutes, which completely annihilates the headache. The smell of the oil is also awesome. I would highly recommend the oil for anyone with pain."
Veronica M.
It was unbelievable. Coming from another martial art, I started new in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with pain and injuries to my knees, elbows, shoulder, and lower back. At first, I thought the oil might be something out of the old west medicine show. After three minutes of applying just a few drops the painful areas, unexpected relief started setting in. There were no snakes or suggestive voodoo in this oil, just something akin to the miraculous. Within twenty minutes, all of the pain disappeared. Being 66 years old, I felt like thirty-five rolling on the mat. I have already put my order in for ten bottles. Besides being a great teacher, Professor Vandry is a healer. This oil is just another example of his efforts to keep his students healthy and pain free. Thank you, Professor.
Dr. Stan Seidner
Professor Emeritus retired
William, Thank you! I am amazed at how fast my pain went away! I came to the self-defense class to watch and learn. My knee was hurting all night and I could not imagine the mat exercise or even just standing for perhaps an hr. I was thinking that I should make my exit and then you ask to apply your oil. I am still amazed at the relief to my damaged, swollen knee! The oil has such a “healing” effect. My pain was far less the next day and I want more of it! Thank You!
Joyce Bermudez
Vitamin Dept. Manager/ regional support team Sprouts
My experience with St. Jude’s oil was with the ongoing shoulder wear and tear that I have and I believe that many of my fellow BJJ students have as well. My shoulders were feeling fatigued, definitely not a 100% but I wanted to roll so I used the St. Jude’s Oil and within a few seconds could feel the heat sensation. I rolled with no problem at all and actually had forgotten that my shoulders were troubling me when I first showed up.
Lee Ann Urban
Fitness instructor and owner Urban Wind, bodybuilding champion competitor
The oil is great! It took away my TMJ pain when nothing else did. My co-worker had a sprained/bruised foot and was limping but after 3 min of applying the oil she was pain free and walking normally. I’ve had to hide the sample bottle from all the girls at work, they found it in my drawer and love it, and we will be fighting over the last few drops soon!!
Renee’ L. Brown
Staff Chiropractic office
This oil is such an effective pain reliever, you hardly notice it working. Most pain ointments create an intense cooling or heating effect (usually with menthol or capsasin), which feels good at first, but does not last or really relieve the pain. The St. Jude’s oil has only a slight cooling sensation, and then it actually works to relieve the pain and swelling. You forget it is there until you try to move in a way you couldn’t before, and find the pain is actually gone. I have used it for a chronic knee tendonitis; chronic hip pain and little aches and pains like neck stiffness and lower back tightness. It is also a “miracle” in relieving tension headaches but just rubbing a little on your neck and smelling the oil. I should also note that I have the most sensitive skin the world and experience no irritation from the oils.
Chandra Weber Vandry
I have used St. Jude’s on several old aches and injuries, always with great success. Most notably while driving out to visit one of our associate academies recently professor Vandry and I were rear ended by a careless driver. Luckily nobody was seriously injured, but we had quite a jolt. We both immediately applied St. Jude’s to our necks, which were starting to feel pretty stiff and painful. Not only was St. Jude’s effective at stopping the inflammation almost immediately, but also professor Vandry was able to actively teach and roll with our associate’s students and I was able to assist with absolutely no problems. I highly recommend this to anyone that’s suffering from aches and pain.
John Hancock
(served USMC, served Gulf war)
Thanks Professor William Vandry for the St. Jude’s oil tonight! I am 4 days out from surgery for my torn meniscus, and the pain level up until tonight was almost unbearable. At your suggestion I used the St. Jude’s on my knee and was astonished! Granted, the tear was still there (rumored to be fixed in St. Jude’s Oil Deluxe…haha), but the inflammation and associated pain decreased dramatically! I came to watch class in a brace and a cane…and left without using either! I could move my knee much better (being careful), but felt much better with significantly less pain (and this, after 2 days on Vacating with no improvement)! Anxious to see how it helps me post-op. Thanks!
Jeffrey Robert Furlano
If I’m not mistaken even The Beatles wrote a tune about this stuff… ST. JUDE’S WON’T MAKE IT BAD! IT TAKES A BAD KNEE AND MAKES IT BETTER!! REMEMBER TO RUB IT ONTO YOUR SKIN!! AND IT WILL BEGIN TO MAKE IT BETTER!! I had a sore meniscus a few weeks back and while going through some withdrawals from training I came in to class one evening to jealously observe. William happened to have some of this special oil on him at the time and after I explained to him my woes, he rubbed a few dabs of it on my knee and not but 10 minutes later I was upset that I didn’t bring my gi with me to get in some training. Serious stuff.
Jackson Word
Hi William, this really helped with the pain in my elbow about a month ago. However, as always, from one thing to another… My shoulders a little jacked up now. And based on how much better my elbow felt even after a single application, I’m really looking forward to trying this on my shoulder. Do you have stock yet? If not, when?
William Hill
I’ve had a light strain in my right lower back and hip the past week that I couldn’t seem to alleviate (for more than 30 minutes) with any of the half dozen over the counter products, creams or roll on applicators I tried. I put on the St. Jude’s Oil about 10hrs ago and it still feels much better.
Wesly Collard
I’ve got sore knees, sore back, and sprained knuckles from training. The first thing that St. Jude’s does is alleviate the pain. I’m able to train longer and sooner because it warms up the whole area. I’ve been using it on my pinky finger because I sprained it a few weeks ago. I didn’t do anything to the finger for about 3 weeks and the swelling stayed the same and the joints were painful to the touch. After about 2 days of using St. Jude’s the swelling went down dramatically along with the pain. Also…I use it on my neck at the computer. Not only does it relieve my neck pain but also the aroma keeps me awake and alert even after staring at the soul-sucking computer screen for hours. I need more!
Edward Aiken
I have a knee on which I had an ACL replacement, and advanced arthritis. There is very little meniscus left. It is often painful, and swells easily. You gave some of St Jude’s Miracle Oil to try. 3 minutes after application, the pain was gone and I had better movement. 20 minutes after application, I could do full squats, where I could not even get close to that before. I am thoroughly impressed by your product, and highly recommend it. I have not found anything else that works so well for me. Thank you for introducing it to me, and thank you for creating the oil.
John Krause
I have tried St. Jude’s Miracle oil ® several times for minor injuries on my back; knees, ankles and I have loved the results. Today I came in to train with Professor Vandry and my ankle was swollen so I applied some of the oil and within a few minutes the swelling went down and so did the soreness. I recommend anyone to try this product. I look forward to sharing it with friends and family.
Jeff Hughes
Needless to say, used St. Judes oil, and within minutes I was able to start working around the house. We are getting ready for a move, and I was able to work. God bless Will Vandry. I’m so thankful for him in my life. I continue to give thanks to St. Jude. St. Jude has been my patron saint for years, couldn’t explain why I was drawn to him for years, now I know why.
Sonya Magallanes
You have to try it to believe it! I was suffering from a tweaked knee and shortly after rubbing some St. Jude’s onto it the pain was gone. My knee feels better than it has in months and still feels solid after a rough work out. Thank you William Vandry!
Jeremy Leigh
Well…… What can I say, the stuff works! I have been having a nagging ache in my right hip for a few months now. I tried St. Jude’s oil on it a few weeks ago and have been feeling great ever since. My advise would be to try it out, I’m sure you will like what you find.
Jeremy Carbone
Hello Mr. Vandry, I wanted to thank you again for your St. Jude’s Miracle Oil, this stuff really does work. You were gracious enough to give me the little you had on you when my wife was complaining about her nausea. The minute you told her to put some on her neck and smell the oil a few times, she was no longer nauseous. She now carries it with her everywhere she goes since she gets carsick very easily. I’ve also used your oil when I pulled a neck muscle. I normally would be unable to train, but I put some on the pulled area and in 5-10 minutes was good to go.
Ryan Villalobos
St. Jude’s Miracle Oil does it again!!! I came to class at the Vandry BJJ Academy on Friday. My left knee had been bothering me to the point of seeing my doctor and getting x-rays and the whole bit. As I limped into class Mr. Vandry immediately questioned me about my obvious injury. I had hurt my knee trying to be a Good Samaritan, and look what it got me. The knee was swollen, tight, and popping all the time. Mr. Vandry had me apply some of his St. Jude’s Miracle Oil, the same oil I used to cure the pain of my Plantar Fasciitis just weeks prior. After the application there was a continuous warming sensation in my knee. Within 2 minutes there were visible changes in the form of less swelling, and I was walking with no limp, and the best part was I was able to train Jiu-Jitsu without worrying about my knee. Thank you Professor Vandry This stuff truly lives up to its name.
Bryan Evans
To William Vandry, thank you so much For that miracle oil. I am a plumber and have been doing plumbing for 15 years. I always have to bend, crawl and get into wired places and positions. My muscles ache sometimes, so I try what most people do. I take Advil or some kind of over the counter medicine and it never works. When you gave me that oil and all it took was a couple of drops, I was skeptical at first but within ten minutes I could not make my back hurt if I wanted to. The next day I expected the pain to return but it didn’t. WOW!!!! That stuff is awesome!!! Please make me a bottle so I can prove to others how great it is.
Jason Young
I dislocated my foot nine weeks ago and for about two weeks now have been able to start putting weight on it. I go to physical therapy twice a week and they really work it hard and make it sore. When I get back from therapy I put the St Jude’s Miracle oil on and it is unbelievable how it helps with the pain and swelling. Thank you William for my St. Jude’s Miracle oil ®!!
Patricia Hoffner
It’s true, I’m running out, and I don’t know how I’m going to be able to endure long car rides without this miracle oil! I’ve been spoiled! LOL. I have it with me in my purse at all times. They also work miracles for my tension headaches. I just rub a little over the top of my forehead and temples, and I feel so much better.
Mache Jen
I came to class today with a nagging lower back injury; inflammation was causing some nerve pain, and was preventing me from training at full speed. William was kind enough to let me try some of the oil today to see what effect it would have. We applied it liberally around my lower back and after a few minutes there was mild relief. I was able to train immediately. It built over time to the point where I really had no pain. What was surprising to me was the length of time it stayed in effect. I was able to train again this evening down at ASF. As the resident school skeptic, have to honestly say that my initial experience with this product was very positive.
Slade Foster
I had chronic tendonitis of the Achilles tendon, which caused pain anytime I walked or exercised. This was a huge problem since I work on my feet all day. I tried St. Jude’s Miracle Oil and I could instantly feel the warmth of the oil headed directly to the inflammation. In three minutes I could already feel better circulation and flexibility in my feet. In twenty minutes my pain was gone. I am able to go up and down stairs and exercise without pain. The St. Jude’s Miracle Oil has taken away the inflammation I was experiencing and I no longer have any discomfort. I would recommend this product to anyone and in-fact had my mother using the oil for muscle spasms after major shoulder surgery. St. Jude’s Miracle Oil has definitely worked miracles for me.
Naomi Schwinghamer
I’ve been having a long run with lower back pain almost as long as I can remember. The only thing that’s ever helped was regular massage…and we all know how pricey that can get really quickly. Nothing topical had ever done the trick, not Ben gay, not a Thermacare, not even the “all hailed” Tigerbalm, but when my boyfriend rubbed a few drops of St. Jude’s Miracle Oil on my back within about 2 minutes I was pain free for about 18 hours. Not only did it help my lower back, but also the pain relief even helped my hips, which have had chronic inflammation in them from years of dancing. I can’t wait to use the Miracle Oil on an ankle injury soon and report on that as well.
Tarin Smith
Came into Vandry’s BJJ for the women’s seminar and was experiencing neck pain and a headache. Professor Vandry had me rub his St Jude’s Miracle Oil on my neck and soles of my feet. Within minutes I felt much relief.
Mitzi Miller Hann
I recently tried Professor Vandry’s St. Jude Miracle Oil for back pain relief. My lumbar is bone on bone at L5S1 and I have 2 herniated discs at L3 and L4. I have tried everything there is and have accepted that pain relief supplements simply cannot help me due to the extent of my injury. Professor Vandry asked me to try out this product and I felt pain relief within a few minutes. The relief continued to grow over the next 30 minutes and has provided significant relief to me in activities such as Jiu Jitsu or even relaxing after the classes. I have continued using his product since first trying it and highly recommend this product to anyone.
Matt Siver
I used St. Jude’s oil on two recent injuries with a lot of success. I had two muscle tears from lifting heavy weights in the gym. I had pulled a muscle in my right lower back and in my left shoulder. After applying the oil, I felt some relief within about 5 – 7 minutes. Within 20 minutes, I felt complete relief of pain and tension! Additionally, I continued to use the oil daily as I had just begun training again in BJJ. I had complete range of motion with no pain during my first week back–even though I had pulled muscles in my back and shoulder. After practice, I would apply the oil liberally and then also the next morning and I felt very loose, my muscles relaxed and no pain! I had a great experience with the oil this past week. Last Monday, I re-injured an old groin muscle tear that I thought had been completely healed. I ended up not training for two days due to the pain and limited range of motion. I decided to put the oil to the test on Thursday and use myself as a guinea pig. I applied the oil liberally to the affected area and to my surprise, was able to train jiu-jitsu with no pain and no limits in my range of motion. I was very surprised, because the pain had been pretty bothersome, and after the oil, it was completely gone. I continued to use the oil over the last few days and I have been completely pain free. What was really impressive, was the almost immediate results. I have never used a product that has had such immediate and definitive results. Really good stuff.
Michael Fulford
Business owner
I am a 40-year-old state employee with a chronic problem that has been bothering me for several years. I have Plantar Fasciitis in both of my feet. This is the inflammation of the tendon that runs the length your foot from the big toe to the heel. This problem causes extreme pain in the heel and instep of the foot, often times making walking extremely difficult if not impossible in the mornings. I have been to my doctor several times for this issue and I get the same story. It’s just something we have to deal with; he gave me a few exercises to perform and advice on keeping my foot flexed while I sleep. Let me tell you a Plantar Fasciitis boot is not cheap at all, and insurance did not want to cover it. As with a many chronic type issues like this, it does come and go. I am always happy to see or feel it leave; however when it comes back it’s terrible! I ran into Mr. Vandry while hobbling around and he asked me what I did to my leg. Being a bit tired of this question I replied, “It’s not my leg, it’s my dang foot!” Mr. Vandry was not put off by my frustration and followed up with additional questions. I explained the drawn out story I have had to tell others that asked this question to me, however this was a bit different, as Mr. Vandry seemed concerned and very interested. After my drab of a story Mr. Vandry offered some assistance. He disappeared into his office and came out with a bottle of what he called St. Jude’s Oil. He stated “place a few drops on your fingers and massage it into your foot and heal” I did as he asked, what did I have to lose? As instructed I waited for this oil to perform it’s magic. After 3 minutes, that’s right I said 3 minutes, I had 90% more movement in my foot, I am talking pain free movement. This was amazing, I wanted to snatch up the bottle and run for the hills, but I played it cool. I was able to walk out of his establishment and down the street without pain. St. Jude’s Oil took out the inflammation of my tendon that is causing my Plantar Fasciitis and in turn did away with the pain. When this stuff goes onto the market, I will not hesitate to get a few bottles, it’s amazing, and I am sold. Thank you Mr. Vandry for the St. Jude’s Oil (in my mind a miracle tonic)
Bryan Evans
My Thoughts on St. Jude’s Miracle Oil: I’m a skeptic. I’ve been one for a long time, especially when it comes to “alternative” medicines and supplements. I don’t trust just anyone and trying new medicines and supplements does not come easy for me. So, you can imagine my surprise the first time I was asked to trust someone and try St. Jude’s Miracle Oil. I think I used the word “amazing” at least seven or eight times. Within a few minutes of having the oil rubbed into my knee area, I was able to bend my knee and get up without the crippling pain that has been plaguing me. I agreed to try SJMO on my neck. It really was a miracle. I suffer from fibromyalgia and the area around my neck and shoulders are always like concrete. Shortly after having the oil applied, I was able to turn my neck comfortably from side to side and I was able to bend my neck in such a way that my ear was close to my shoulder. I have not done that in a long time. I found that SJMO helped to calm me as well. Since I tend to be an anxious person, it was a pleasant surprise to find that the aroma from the oil was calming, comforting and relaxing. I have been using the oil ever since, especially on my neck, but also on my knee and areas of my feet as well. It does help and I’m very glad that I was able to leave my skepticism at the door and try this great product.
Andrea H.