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Before and After Photos

1. After four days of applying the oil NOT on the injury, but around the temple, forehead, cheek.
2. This gentleman had a severe type 3 sprain with considerable damage on his right ankle. T his is what St. Jude’s Miracle oil ® did with one week of applying daily numerous times.
3. A woman at an Expo with a limp and inflammation in her swollen knee. She applied it and 15 minutes later it was gone.
4. Testimony sent from consumer regarding bruise on shin before and a day and a half later:
5. Canine/ doggy rash or staph bacteria very common in dogs. Results before and after applying Miracle oil.
After full 12 days
After same time period as above dog
6. Black eye on consumer clear swelling before and after.
After 32 hours later swelling reduced
7. June 11, 2016 two dogs bitten by rattlesnake. Both have reaction to venom, and one dog is brought to Veterinarian. Vet administered antibiotics and antivenom. Dog passes away next morning. Second dog also bit is also not well. Consumer brings SJMO to family and applies to dog. Necrosis along with swelling is evident from photo:
After (Photo 8 days later)
June 19, 2016 application seems to have an effect on cytotoxic venom or tumor necrosis (See articles for references). As of January 2018 second dog is still alive.
8. Consumer testimony of her son with motorcycle burn on leg. Doctor letter states minimum of two months bandages to prevent infection of wound and to immediately take to ER if infected. Consumer uses Miracle oil after first day improvement, on day 10 wound is nearly fully healed, day 20 wounds recovered.