Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel presents A Conversation With William Vandry “Alternatives to Opioids Series”

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Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel founder and William Vandry

I had the pleasure to meet and have a new friend in the war against Chronic pain, TBI and PTSD with Veterans.  My friend Glenn Towery is Chairman & Founder of the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel.  Glenn served in the Vietnam war.Glenn has created and founded the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel (VSPChannel), America’s first national broadcast channel for veterans and their family members.  Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel can be accessed nationwide online at  The channel is also available on the Department of Veterans Affairs secure online system as of January 5th, 2016.  This VSP Channel is designed to broadcast shows that promote wellness to veterans who suffer with PTSD, anxiety and emotional/mental illnesses as well as physical ailments created by their military service for America and after service as well.

Glenn and I were discussing Veterans Chronic pain and PTSD.  I told him about some very informative NCBI and Pubmed medical references on nutrition.  Glenn was very interested and wanted to talk more. I told him about some work my wife Chandra and I do with veterans, and our Got Pain? clinics regarding our co-invented product, the St. Judes Miracle Oil®.  I referred Glenn to our website here at, and our videos from consumers that use them for relief.  Glenn wanted to interview me for his Channel regarding nutrition and chronic pain.  He met me at my academy, and we discussed nutrition, chronic ipain, veterans, and a lot more.  My wife and I formed a non profit to research Chronic pain, TBI, Legal blindness, PTSD and to work with poverty.  Our interview you can view below, and please share it. Glenn sent me an email thanking me for the interview:

Mr. William Vandry
Vandry Hope Foundation,

It was an honor to meet and speak to you regarding your work with veterans and to experience first hand
the miraculous properties of your “ST. Jude’s Miracle Oil”. To meet someone as knowledgeable as you are
when it comes to the human body is rare for me. To meet a person who genuinely cares for others fantastic. Below you will find a link to the 35 minute video of our meeting that I just completed editing. Please review it, I hope you like it. It is my intention to post it on our website next week. Please feel free to share it with others.
Glenn Towery, Chairman & Founder

Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel
323-849-8511 (M)

If you are a veteran and need help, please contact Glenn from the phone numbers above on his Veterans Suicide Channel website. Thank you Glenn for your work my friend, and your good heart to try and make a difference.  For more information on our research and projects, please go to our non profit website at, and for our amazing Mriacle oil product go to

 William Vandry
Enjoy the interview:  A Conversation With William Vandry “Alternatives to Opioids Series”