St. Jude’s Miracle oilTM at Martial arts Health Expo DFW

November 9, 2014


Photo: St. Jude’s Miracle oilTM Co-inventors and Martial artists William and Chandra Vandry

The Martial arts and Health expo hosted by Professor Marcos Santos in Dallas Ft Worth had co speakers William and Chandra Vandry addressing medical information, and their product, Miracle oil.  Lead Speaker Chandra Vandry, and R.N. in neurology and allergy, discussed JAMA, NCBI and PubMed references to the plague of Chronic pain in the USA.  Chronic pain effects more people in the USA than Diabetes, Cancer or heart disease combined.  Pain statistics show:

Chronic pain 116 million (Institute of medicine of national academies)

Diabetes 25.8 million americans (American Diabetes Association)

Heart disease 16.3 million americans (American Heart Association)

Cancer 11.9 million americans (American cancer society)

Vandry also discussed the FDA’s warning on NSAIDS, and the overuse of them.  As she finished with a question and answer section, many in the audience discussed their own chronic pain, migraines, arthritis and other pain related conditions.


Vandry’s addressing questions.  Marcos Santos to the right.



student Matt Brazille and Expo host Professor Marcos Santos of RCJ Machado academy Ft Worth.