St Jude's Miracle Oil®

St. Judes Miracle Oil® was developed by Professor William Vandry, a businessman, author, instructor, business owner and 4th degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under Master Carlos Machado.

Soothing, Cooling, Relaxing Blend of 9 Essential Oils

William Vandry developed and filed the Essential oil blend.   St. Jude’s Miracle Oil®  is under the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office and  protected under Trade secret law.  The oil is soothing to the skin while providing a pleasing coolness to muscles after a hard workout from the gym or after work.   Vandry and his wife Chandra developed the product originally for temporary relief of students with pain or inflammation.  When asked by students and friends, he allowed them to use it as aromatherapy or inhalant.  The cooling, pleasing feeling caused a demand.  This word of mouth then spread to wives, friends, doctors, businessman and many in the community, and later on a national level ordering from this website.  Chandra lectures at their Got pain? clinics, which covers medical research on chronic pain, allergies, and many other areas.


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